This is hard for me. I truly feel like I was finally connecting with you after all this time. You know that since the beginning of time, you’ve always been on my mind. I used to rave about you to all of my friends; about how great you were, how they would never meet anyone like you, and that I was so lucky to have known you. The funny thing was, I was bragging about nothing. All of these grandeur things I was saying about you, I had heard from other people. The truth is I didn’t know you, but I didn’t need to know you to love you.

When I finally got the opportunity to meet you, I was shocked to know that all the rumors about you were true. You had a warmth about you that was unmatchable. It seemed that everyone I bumped into that knew you had built a special relationship with you and now I had the opportunity to as well.

You taught me to take pride in my differences, when I began to debate whether I needed to conform to get through life. You taught me that perseverance is the road to happiness. When it got so hot that I couldn’t take it, you handed me a fresh peach from your fridge to cool me off. I was lost before I met you, but I found myself through you. I found love through you. I found a family that I would have forgotten if it wasn’t for your interference.

With all that said, I’ve learned all I can from you. I knew in my heart that this wouldn’t last forever. I was fooling myself thinking that I was going to stay with you. My heart yearns for adventure and you gave me security. Who know? I may come back to you one day, but I found someone else. She said she’d take care of me. I’m yearning to breathe free and she offers that me. She’s not as warm as you, actually she’s quite cold, but there are lessons that I can only learn from her.

This isn’t goodbye. I’ll come visit you soon, Georgia.

Love, Nico.