Everyday in New York, I feel more like an adult. I took the journey here by myself out of choice. This was no one’s journey, but my own. It wouldn’t be right to start off the beginning of my new life forcing someone to share the hardships and tribulations that ended up having to deal with. I would feel bad if someone had to deal with the fact that I was driving up to New York with bald tires, slipping and sliding in the rain.

It would make me feel terrible to have someone else in the car as my car stopped accelerating in the middle of North Carolina leaving me stranded on the shoulder lane. Sitting in my car, I didn’t know what to do. I was four hours away from Atlanta and six hours away from New York. Was God telling me that this journey wasn’t right for me? This wasn’t the right time for me to make this leap of faith? As I sat there contemplating what my next move was I decided to give up and let God take control. I prayed for about five minutes about the situation, put my keys back into the ignition, pressed my foot on the pedal and now I’m here.



Before leaving Atlanta, I would tell people I had a place, knowing good and well that I really didn’t. At that time, it was just the right thing to say to get them from bothering me.


My first night in New York, I slept in my car.


Not glamorous at all, right? These are the stories that people rarely tell. The story of the struggle of traveling to a far off city without having anywhere to call your home. Luckily for me, God is always watching and the next day I had a sublet to call my own for at least a week and then one week later I signed the lease to stay in this beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn. I feel truly blessed by God and I feel like this was the right step in the direction of my new life.