“Soho! Tribeca! Three hoes! Trifecta!” Kanye West & Co. remix to Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” has been on repeat through my earbuds for about three weeks straight. Don’t judge! I can already see that you’re judging me, but sometimes you need some hood in your life to offset the good. So in ode the G.O.O.D. Music fam, it was only right that on a cloudy Wednesday afternoon I ventured off to the infamous hotspot that Pusha T so unabashedly name dropped.


The Soho district is the place to be if you have any love for fashion or luxurious brands. Broadway Street is the epicenter of what one would expect when daydreaming about Soho. As far as the eye can see streets are filled with shops like Topman, H&M, Chanel, J. Crew, Levi’s and the list continues. It is a bit overwhelming because you feel that you need to go into every single store just because it’s there, but I had to remind myself that these stores are not going anywhere.


“Stay Cool, 2000,” I told myself as I needled in and out of people walking down the congested street.


Overtime I found myself being summoned to the Nike Store on Mercer Street due to these pair of shoes that I’ve spotted on some people and secretly coveted for myself. I was hoping that the gods were holding them for me in this location, but it was not to come to pass that day. Although the store didn’t have the shoes I was looking for; it didn’t disappoint in terms of the selections of kicks–people still use this term right? The decor was dope and they had a secret Tron-esque room in the back where they showcased the Nike + peripherals.


That’s that shit I like.