As I write this entry, the yellow residue from last night still lingers in the deep crevices of my cuticles. I could wash it off, but why? The way my arms are spotted makes me look like a reverse colored cheetah and what is cooler than looking like a big jungle cat?




Yesterday, I went to my girlfriend’s house in Queens to redo her bedroom. According to her, for about ten years her room has been this light salmon color, but now with this new beginning occurring in her life with school ending and officially entering adulthood she has decided that it is only right for her room to be included in this evolution. The color yellow is associated with joy, happiness and energy, so why would one not want to be surrounded by all those good vibrations?


I truly can’t remember the last time I painted a room, which indicates that I had no idea what I was doing. Obviously, it doesn’t take a Bill Gates IQ to paint, but there is an art to everything including painting. Like everything I do, I quickly scanned a nine part series of how to prep for painting and by scan I think I watched a total of 30 seconds, but I got the gist.


What exciting is there to say about painting? We rolled the brush up and down and repeated the sequence until all the walls of her room became this bright canary yellow color. What was truly enjoyed by this experience though was just hanging out the girlfriend, working on a project together and completing it.