“You can not love life until you live the life you love.” A nice proverb that makes you want to change your perception on happiness. It states that if you’re not currently happy with your life; change it.

Sounds simple and it is. People often ask me why I decided to leave for New York and it was because I didn’t love living in Atlanta. The scenery was great, the people were awesome and of course I loved that my family was there, but I couldn’t see myself growing and developing the way I wanted to there. Not everyone has to do such a drastic change like I did, but I do encourage anyone who is unhappy in their current situation to flip the switch and start doing what makes them happy.

What used to make me happy as a kid is swimming in a pile of books. I was a library hood rat. I would linger in our local public library for hours on end reading random books about everything. Due to becoming a “grown up”, the library has been transformed from a room of knowledge to a room of intense stress.  Twenty-five page papers that need to be written in less than one week, drooling on a table because you haven’t slept for 48 hours due to a 45 minute exam. Now that those days are over for me—for now—I feel like I can once again appreciate the beauty of the library.

Stepping into the New York Public Library is like stepping into a museum. The walls engulf you and you feel like you’ve been transported into another time. It truly makes you want to learn. The true magic appears when you find your way to the top floor of the library to the reading room. The infinite number of tables and lights makes you think that you are in Hogwarts. Every wall that you encounter is filled with books with topics ranging from philosophy to presidential history to language books. I feel like I will be spending many hours enjoying and loving the space.