The best days occur when you have no agenda at hand and last Saturday was one of those days. I had originally planned to go into beast mode and take a run around Central Park, but due to the late awakening at ten in the morning versus my usual seven a.m. ritual, I decided that I might have to postpone that run until Sunday.

After my “run” I had set some time to hang out with my girlfriend and had a couple of possible fun adventures we could get into to, but when I ended up arriving in Queens she had other plans in mind. “Let’s go to Chelsea Market.”

Why not?

So Sharae, her sister Pamela and I took the subway and popped out into this Brooklynish part of Manhattan called Chelsea? I’m not quite sure if that’s the name but we’re going to call it that until someone corrects me otherwise.

Anyway it was absolutely beautiful. Beautiful rich people with their beautiful designer sunglasses walking their beautiful dogs down the beautiful sidewalk. What else could you ask for? We took a nice little walk where we passed small boutiques with modern home furniture and overpriced thrift clothes.

When we approached Chelsea’s Market we got hit with a plethora of restaurants, clothing stores and grocery shops. I forgot where we ate because the food was a little bit over mediocre. I ordered a turkey burger that looked scrumptious, but I felt uncomfortable eating it due to my surroundings. All the other guests had pulled out a fork and a knife to eat their burgers. I’m used to the McDonald’s way of eating with your hands, but I succumbed to peer pressure and used utensils with the result of a huge fail. I tried to cut the hamburger in four pieces, but ended up with different proportions for the slices. I would have one huge slice and the other would be so microscopic that it made it impossible to pick up with a fork. In other words, next time I go to fancy restaurant I’m man handling that ‘which.

Afterwards we decided to walk off the five pounds that we each collected during lunch by walking down the High Line. I heard good things about the renovated railroad track from a friend, but was disappointed by my first visit. Unbeknownst to me I had started at the end of the walkway last time I cam and was not able to fully indulge in the beauty that the High Line had to offer.

This time around we headed to the right and were pleasantly surprised by a truly concrete jungle. Greenery surrounded the pathway and at one point one felt like they were entering a safari, but there were still traces of the forgotten train track as each step was taken.

Not to give too much away, but the High Line is a must see for everyone: tourist as well as longtime New Yorker.