“When you get what you want, but not what you need.” These famous words came from lips of England’s most-loved-to-hate band: Coldplay. Although it is unlikely that Chris Martin was the first to come up with this idea, the lyrics stands for itself. Have you every desperately wanted something so bad and then when it happens, you inform God that He might have made a mistake?




Well it happens to me all the time. One instance occurred due to my love affair with snow. I hated my former place of residence in Georgia because the southern state observed only three seasons: summer, kind of chilly and pre-summer. You know what that does to someone who is accustomed to four seasons? It makes them nuts.


In Georgia, it was always warm and my biggest pet peeve is not having the weather match up to the current holiday or calendar system. For instance, Christmas is a time to frolic in the snow and build carrot nosed snowmen. You should not able to wear a t-shirt outside during the winter season, but Atlanta has a mind of its own. That is why making the move to New York was crucial in order for me to get back to the seasons.


When I arrived in New York in July, summer was all around the tri-state area. Then October hit and it started to get a bit chilly, but unfortunately due to Sandy, fall was all but forgotten and winter quickly rushed its head in. A couple of days after Sandy struck; the heavens unleashed the snow it was holding on and had it blanket every nook and cranny that our city had to offer.


“Blanket” is such a sweet term though. A better verb may be rape. Yeah, we’re going to stick with R word for this one. One second it is beautiful and then the next you can’t see the corner shop down the road.


In my room, I am quickly gathering every single heavy article of clothing and putting it on in order to explore our new winter wonderland. At first, it was amazing. It was everything I could hope and dream for. Snow as far as the eye could see, but when I went to my car, I saw that the snow had decided to build a community of housing, a few inches thick all over my car.


I was able to wipe my car clean with my forearm, but at this point the cold had over taken my body, but being the stubborn person I am I decided to continue trucking and explore. I had walked for about 20 minutes with snot running down my noes; snow in my boots and fingers turning numb before it hit me. I hate the cold. I hate the winter season. I only like the snow part of it all, everything else is just a consolation prize.