Don’t believe the hype. Central Park is not the best park in New York. It’s not. It’s nice. No one can deny that, but ProspeKt Prospect Park gives the dainty Manhattan park a run for its money.


I woke up Saturday morning with the spirit of discovery, so I mounted my bike and started peddling in the direction of what I heard was Prospect Park. Previously, I would travel to Central Park by train to do any form of exercise. There’s something about living in this concrete jungle of New York that begs for any form of nature and Central Park—at the time—filled that void.


Before I had even arrived to my destination, my eyes darted in every direction absorbing the scenery that surrounded me.  Riding down Easter Pkwy, I passed the Brooklyn Museum—which I promised myself would be my next adventure—and the Brooklyn Public Library, which looks like a gem in itself.


Before reaching the park, there is this arch that transports your mind to Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch was built between the years of 1889-92 in honor to union soldiers who fought in the civil war. It is absolutely stunning and there is a fountain a few feet in front of the arch that showcases the Greek gods in all their glory.  While I was exploring the area, the cutest little girl started posing for me, so of course I obliged her and took a couple of shots.


There was another surprise that awaited me when I started to enter the park. There was an outdoors farmer’s market sponsored by Food as far as the eye could see. My stomach started to give me a high five as I went around “taste-testing” all of the free samples that were around.


The discovery of Prospect Park was an awakening for me. I felt that I had started become an unimpressed New Yorker who just stayed in his five mile radius, but this gave me the passion to explore more.