We all have those songs. Those repeats songs. Once you hear the song while giving an album a first listen, you stop everything and keep repeating the song until you no longer have to click play to be able to hear every layer, every instrument and every vocal arrangement; it is now stuck in your head.

My repeat song for the week is by Solange. It is tough for someone who carries an x and a y chromosome to speak up about female pop music, but I’m no average xy guy. I love the female voice more than I love most male voices. Women are able to be fearless when it comes to vocal variety, where men are either unable to reach it due to the “x” or coolness.

Solange takes the cake with her new T R U E ep. From the opening track to the end, Solange has put out a strong and cohesive record that is unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. My favorite song is “Lovers in the Parking Lot”. I think what gets me is how her voice climbs the note ladder during the opening verse, but don’t take my word for it…