I became interested in the craft of graphic design after meeting my girlfriend over two years ago at a Kehinde Wiley event at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. She would introduce me to an array of different graphic design styles and artists, but from day one I fell in love with the International Typographic Style, also referred to as Swiss Style. The style originated during the 1950’s in Switzerland and celebrates simple and clean design.


My love affair with Swiss Style starts with the grid system, which is predominately used for layout purposes. Every sans serif letter and image is perfectly placed around the framework of the grid with enough white space that the audience does not have a sensory overload of colors and useless tricks to get the message. The most notable typefaces that are often used in Swiss design are Helvetica, Futura and Gotham. All of these types are often seen as being near to perfect and if not already perfect.


There’s a commonality between the use of grids and the typefaces that are used in Swiss style: perfection. Swiss style to me is not about being minimalist or simple. I believe that the designers search goes deeper than that. There’s a degree of an obsession for perfection. Spending endless hours with a few tools under your tool belt, but working endlessly until you create a piece of work that is timeless.


I hope to be as talented.