It is embarrassing to talk about your heroes; those that you admire and look up to. I’m a firm believer in looking within yourself for the fire and brimstone that can change the world, but sometimes you have to stop and look at what others have done before you to give you an extra boost of motivation and steam to power you through sleepless nights of creativity.


Kanye is one of those people to me.


Before I begin with what I do admire of him, it is important to note what I don’t admire. The cockiness is overkill. It is important to be your biggest fan because the world will try to snipe you on your way to the top, but you don’t have to wave a red flag and blow a trumpet on your way up. You’re an easy target. I also don’t admire his taste in women, except for the extraordinary Alexis Phifer, but I digress.


Work ethic and passion. Those are two qualities that I believe Kanye has mastered and has put him on another level than any other 21st century artist (sans M.I.A.). His belief that one day he would be one of the most critically acclaimed artist is what pushed him to stop producing beats for others and start making music for himself. It is what pushed him to rhyme for superstars like Jay-Z, just for the hopes that one day Jay would like one of his rhymes and miraculously sign him to Roc Nation. It is scary putting yourself out there. Asking for help from already established entities. Trust me, I know.


The fear of denial.


What if you do get turned down? It hurts for a few minutes to maybe a day, but you get over it. The thought, “At least I tried,” runs through your head and it is now time to pick yourself up and keep going. Because right now, you don’t have it. You have nothing, but a dream. That dream though is the most powerful tool you have. It forces you to chase after whoever has what you want.


This clip that I uploaded here is from the Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, a documentary about none other than rap music. Here Kanye is rhyming for his life. You might recognize it as being the verses of Gorgeous from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because it is. In it Mr. West pours his heart out about everything that is bothering him from the conspiracy theory of the government giving a certain minority AIDS to an American Apparel “model” being objectified for a small amount of cash that she’ll use to pay for school. My favorite line come sat the end though. You’ll know it when you hear it.


Anyway it is an amazing film and I suggest that all music fans watch it. It’s on Netflix for your convenience.