Momento Mori is Latin for “remember death.” Death is the last thing the living want to think of. We want to live forever. That is why we spend so much money on plastic surgery and drugs that will allow us to stay youthful. We never want to get old because old equates to death and no one wants to die.


Death shouldn’t be forgotten. If anything it should be a motivator. People die everyday. Every single day someone dies. Why were we graced to live another day? And a better question is within this day did we live it to our full potential or take it for granted?


Today, I made a journey to the South Side of Manhattan to experience a form of death. Eleven years ago, two hijacked planes had collided with the World Trade Center. I remember hearing from my schoolteachers that I would remember where I was when it happened and I still do. It was in between classes and there had been a few whispers from kids who had known of the attacks before we did. It wasn’t until, I got to my science class that we understood what was going on. Even then, it all seems like a movie. We would watch the news on the television screen in silence. I don’t believe that anyone can truly understand the weight of 9/11 unless you were in New York.


I’ve been feeling a certain kind of way recently, so I felt it was no time better than the present to feel the heaviness of the 9/11 Memorial. It wasn’t about taking pictures or reading the names or looking at the memorial. It was honestly about feeling. It is hard to explain. It doesn’t require thinking, which is why I really have no “thoughts” about the place.


Momento Mori.