“Kisses over presents”. That is the motto. I’ve never been much to celebrate holidays the traditional way. I don’t get into buying people presents and it is not because I’m greedy, it is usually because I’m broke, but I mask it behind the idea that I care about the time spent with the people you love versus the money spent. Regardless I love my nieces and nephew so much that I had to bundle up in the cold and trek out on a quest for the best Christmas gifts that money could buy.



Somehow I ended up in the epicenter of frivolous spending: Time Square. I venture to Time Square more than most New Yorkers because it is where my Toastmaster’s club meets. This was my first experience shopping in the heart of the city and I was petrified. Genetically modified Sesame Street characters roamed around taking pictures for a little change, Santa hit up the streets looking a little shorter than I imagined and a fight broke out right in front of a pack of police (Now that’s convenient!).


fotoI ended up walking into Toys R Us and walked out immediately. It was more of an amusement park than a children’s retail store. There is a huge carousel that welcomes you in as you walk and takes up nearly all four floors of the large toy store. Upstairs there’s a “fake” Tyrannosaurus that scared the Holy Ghost out of me. It was a little too much for me. I need to ease myself into Manhattan. Scratch that. Brooklyn FOREVER!