Another year has come and gone and what do you have to show from it? Thoughts that often float around our heads as the New Year creeps upon us. We often get disappointed in our previous selves for not living up to the expectations that we had set 365 days ago. We were not as productive as we had hoped to be. That big project that we had promised to finish by the end of the year is only a couple of pages long because you lost recognition of the project once February rolled around.


Don’t fear, you still have another chance. The New Year represents hope. Hope that this year will be bigger and better than the one before. Hope that when you look at yourself in the future you will be proud of the life changes that you made. The key is to not fall back on old routine.  One thing that helped me progress this past year was having a six-month plan. This six-month plain consisted of goals that i want to accomplish for a half-year period. Each of the goals were broken down to simple tasks that didn’t involve much effort. As an example let’s talk about moving to a new city. The mini steps would consist of things like research which neighborhood you wanted to move in, find average cost of living, find a place to stay, get car fixed, etc.


Breaking down these goals into easily achievable baby steps can help one feel closer to accomplishing the main task that it seems less daunting.


Here’s to the New Year and all the amazing things that we will accomplish!