I’ve been a bit M.I.A. from the blog/social-networking world in order to reconnect with myself. It’s funny how although you may seem to be connected to the world when you sign on to Twitter or Instagram, the truth is you truly become unaware. Unaware about whom you are, what your thoughts are and what it truly means to be a human. The Internet is meant to be an enhancement of humanity, but for most it has become a distraction. So during my slight hiatus I’ve been able to get in tune with who am I, where I am and where I should be.


Designing gives me life. Throughout a few years, I’ve been able to advance my skills as a designer helping out friends with their brand identities and album artwork. When it comes to my own portfolio though I haven’t really been able to construct pieces that I feel displays my artistic ability. I have little pieces of things, but I want to have a list of work that I’ve done that shows what I am capable of. I decided to start that process by creating a faux McDonald campaign for their Fish McBites. McDonalds is currently catering their popcorn fish product to their adult audience, but I feel like it’s more of a meal that kids would like. I started to think of concepts and ideas that would make it more accessible. This is the first concept that I came up with.


Originally it was meant to be more involved. My initial plan was to have the boy costumed as a fish to be a standup comedian telling lame fish puns. The problem with that was all the fish puns that I thought of were truly lame and the idea almost seemed a bit cliché. So I scrapped it. Another idea was to have the word “Fish McBites” vectorized as planks of wood coming out of the water. The problem with this idea was that wood is straight and isn’t known for its curves. Also it would take too much time for the consumer to read the text and good design should be easily understood. So after hours of vectorizing wood text, that idea was also o0canned as well. For the next couple of days I was pondering what to do. To better understand my audience I ate at McDonald’s for the next week to investigate (have McDonald’s). While looking at their paper bags I realized that McDonald’s ads were pretty simple and to the point. So I decided to keep it that way. I’ve always been a fan of minimalist design ever since I discovered the international typographic style. “McDonald’s. Introducing: Fish McBites.” Plain, simple and to the point.


I’m in the process of brainstorming some other ideas, which I will update you on as they come into fruition.


Stay Aware.