1/2 of a Pomegranate. Pomegranates have huge health benefits. I would list them, but there’s too many. I try to grab at least two pomegranates each time I go shopping at Mr. Coco. Half of a pomegranate will do here. The best way to get the seeds out is to hit the back side with a large spoon into a bowl.

1 Banana-na.

Slice of a Beet. I absolutely hate beets by themselves, but with this smoothie it gives it a certain flavor that can’t be beat–see what

Handful of Blueberries. Another one of Mother Earth’s hidden secrets.

4 Strawberries.

Ginger. My dad has always been a proponent of ginger and he passed that off to me.


Add all of these ingredients to a blender of your choice. Put a couple of ice cubes in the mix and some juice and there you have it.  Nothing too crazy. Easy to make. And delicious to the taste buds.