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off to Harlem

Posted on February 14, 2013



I’ve been in New York for seven months now and it’s true what they say about staying in your Burrough and never venturing off. When I first landed, I was like a fat kid at a bakery; I wanted to touch everything that New York had to offer. Overtime though, I became set in my ways and the thought that these sites and wonders would always be there began to sit in the back of my mind. Currently, there’s a three-mile radius that I spend the majority of my life in. If I do venture off, it is out necessity. I go to Manhattan because my job is there. I visit Queens because my girlfriend lives there. I have no need for a Long Island or for a Bronx. In all seriousness, why would I want to go anywhere but Brooklyn? Yeah, I know. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but it happened today and it was a pleasant surprise.


I had to venture off to Harlem to see my tax lady because it is that season again. Since it was my day off, I decided this was a perfect time to get back to my tourist taurist-y self. I can say with much assurance that Harlem is the next best place compared to Brooklyn. To all you non-new Yorkers out there, Harlem is not one of the five Burroughs. It is a subsidiary of Manhattan, much like a Soho or a Greenwich, but at a much larger scale. The diversity of the city is breathtaking. Of course you’ve got Spanish Harlem and a high Asian population, but there’s also an elevated level of Africans that call Harlem home. The importance of this last fact correlates with my sudden urge for West African food. I’ve been deprived of any home cooking since I’ve been in New York so the ability to eat white rice with peanut soup was a blessing from the heavens. I raise my hands to the sky with thanksgivings.


I tried to take a few photos of this touched-by-an-angel culinary experience, but sadly my camera didn’t have an SD card, so I was shooting blanks.


I plan on taking more trips to see Harlem. It has a bad rap for being dangerous and I don’t want to be naive and say its not due to one visit, but I’m a fan of culture and Harlem represent the melting pot that that New York so famously represents.



The Essentials: Doomsday Edition

Posted on December 24, 2012



The apocalypse has come and gone and I was disappointed to say the least. The Mayans had been right about so many things in the past, how did they fumble with the most critical prediction of them all? This whole year has circled around the total demise of human kind. There was a possibility of a zombie apocalypse, which would have been a blast to be apart of. The Frankenstorm Sandy was going to wipe out whole east coast and have us all on an exodus to Mexico like in The Day After Tomorrow. I was even hoping that something would go down in the Middle East that might trigger some end of the world moments. Alas, we got nothing and it is a shame because I had been working on an apocalypse survival kit, but who knows 2012 isn’t over yet so just in case someone did their calculations wrong here are the Essentials: Doomsday Edition.


1. | 2013 January Issue of GQ |

Number one on our list is the latest issue of GQ magazine with cover boy Bill Murray. Although you may be getting your brain eaten by zombies, you still have time to enjoy the lavish sartorial spreads, fantasize about being in a smoked filled room with Snoop Lion and learn how to get into Bill Murray’s kickball league.


2. | Nike Fuel Band |

So you are running away from comets that are hurtling towards earth, which is awesome because that means you’re going to reach your Nike + Fuel goal for the day! The glass isn’t always half empty.


3. | Robert Greene’s Mastery |

The Art of Seduction will do you no good since you’re the only survivor on earth. Back to square one, time to build a hut. You don’t even know where to begin, but Mastery will show you that if you keep at and working to your life goal, one day you’ll have a mansion built of ashes and brimstone.


4. | Bamboo Tablet |

You once would use it to create wonderful illustrations on your Macbook, but that computer is history and you’re going to need somewhere to eat your food.

Mo MoMa Mo Problem

Posted on November 28, 2012

I often go to museums to escape, to get lost in paintings, sculptures and other artwork. I could stair at one painting for hours trying to connect with the emotions of the artist who created it. Embracing the colors—or lack there of—and concocting some sort of meaning behind the broadness of each brush strokes.


The MoMa is a museum meant for getting lost in. With what seems to be an infinite amount of galleries, experiencing the MoMa is not a multiple day even. One day is not enough.


Inspiration is all around. From west Asian artwork, which decorates the top floor to minimalist paintings, which I naturally gravitated to, there is literally an exhibit for everyone. If you want to forget, even for a moment any “problems” that may be plaguing your life, I suggest the MoMa for a new form of meditation and enlightenment.