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Do The Harlem Shake

Posted on February 22, 2013



It began as simple fun: four college friends squeezed into barely livable quarters, wearing jumbo-sized Halloween costumes while humping the air feverishly to a looped beat. After fifteen seconds the beat drops and hell breaks loose, well not exactly they just start having seizure like symptoms that very few may interpret as dancing. Thus began the greatest meme of 2013: The Harlem Shake.


The genesis of the movement began last year when Brooklyn-based DJ Baauer got his track released under Diplo’s Mad Decent label. The initial critical reception was warm with the-ALMIGHTY-Pitchfork labeling the song as one of their “Best New Tracks”, but even with this slight acclaim there wasn’t much commercial success. That is until YouTube was hit with an onslaught of videos that ranged from corporate employees flopping on the ground like fish kidnapped out of water, oversized chickens running amuck across Times Square and pale teenage boys with pink briefs doing things that pale teenage boys with pink briefs do whilst accompanied by DJ Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” track. In a matter of two weeks, hundreds of videos have been uploaded to YouTube with folks putting their own spin to the wildly contagious meme.


With every fairy tale though there comes drama. And in this fairy tale drama’s maiden name is Banks. Miss Azealia Banks, a born and raised Harlemite, took it upon herself to create a remix of the song and posting it on Soundcloud. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, right? WRONG! After a few hours it was pulled from the music-streaming site and Azealia Banks tweeted to Baauer, “Why you cockblockin tho??? Lmaooooo”. Baauer then responded with “cause its not ur song”. Clearly both artists don’t care much for the proper use of the English vocabulary, but that’s beside the point. Thus began Harlem Shake-Gate. Both artists have waged war on each other, slinging insults back and forth via Twitter. With Baauer saying that he didn’t approve of Azealia’s remix because it was sub par and Azealia retaliating by calling him every single name under the sun.


As the dust has cleared, it seems that both artists have come on top. Azealia has put up a video of her remix to Baauer’s song and it has yet to be pulled from Vimeo and due to Billboard Magazine now including YouTube plays to calculate it’s Billboard Hot 100; Baauer now has the number one song in the country. A lot can happen in a couple of weeks.


Here’s Azealia Banks rendition of the “Harlem Shake”:



solange “bad girls”

Posted on February 12, 2013


It’s no surprise that I have a celebrity crush on Solange Knowles. Out of the two Knowles sisters, who wouldn’t prefer the quirky one with the good sense of style and superb afro over the beauty queen—although ‘Yonce is stepping her game up. Later this month, I have the honor of seeing the younger Knowles sister play a sold-out concert at Webster Hall in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and I’m overly stoked. In preparation of the show, I’ve been stretching my vocal chords in order to hit each note in “Bad Girls”.

“Bad Girls” is the best album closer that I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed in a long time. Its funk filled baseline and the hard hitting percussion gives it an 80’s R&B feel that sets itself a part from anything going on in pop music. The good folks at Black Cab Sessions recently recorded a session where she sings a stripped down version of the song with her True EP collaborator and producer Devonte Hynes. The song is a perfect match to the scenery that surrounds them as they drive aimlessly through the city.

February 25th can’t come soon enough.

…and she can cook?

Posted on December 5, 2012

Captura de Tela 2012-12-05 às 6.00.05 PM

I have been depressed for the last couple of hours because I missed the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on television. Is that a big deal, you ask? It is a HUGE deal. This fashion shows is the only reason why I wake up each day, in order to get through the year and watch next year’s event. Anyway I missed it and was on suicide watch last night, luckily before I did anything too crazy, I was able to watch Jourdan Dunn getting it “Dunn” in the kitchen for Life + Times. I’ve always been #TeamChanelIman, but after this video I may have to switch sides.